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About Just1L

Just1L is a songwriter/musician from St. Louis, MO who works as the Creative Director/IT Manager at Webster-Kirkwood Times, Inc., three locally owned St. Louis newspapers consisting of the Webster-Kirkwood Times, South County Times and West End Word. His love of music and technology has spanned through the decades and collided with the rise of the internet. While he still loves technology, he couldn't help realize what's going on with the internet, social media, online news, etc... and how it seems to be taking us in the wrong direction. And because of that realization, Just1L stopped writing about the standard topics found in most songs and started writing what he calls Social Rock. In a nutshell, Social Rock is music that's about what’s going on around us in this day and age concerning technology, the internet and social media and it’s effect on humans and everything around us.


Just1L currently has a self-titled EP out available on this site, CDBaby or you can find it on many streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. A big supporter of local music, his EP was put into rotation at KDHX. “I was told it was but honestly, I haven’t heard it played so I can’t say for sure if it is or isn’t. Although I don’t get to listen to every Rock Music show they run. Give them a call and request it just to so we can find out,” he joked when asked about it.

In January 2020, Just1L did an Artist Interview for the Music stage which you can watch here:


Various other musical projects are also in the works including a collection of songs based on the 1968 Oscar Winning adaptation of Oliver!, based on the novel by Charles Dickens, "Oliver Twist." There's a free listen and/or download on the homepage of Just1L's first rock adaptation of the song "Pick A Pocket Or Two" written by the amazing composer Lionel Bart.


There is also an album planned for the future which will combine various music styles and topics.


Currently Just1L plays all the instruments, sings, writes the songs and mixes them himself but can envision a band in the future. "I definitely want to get a band together at some point. I'm the kind of guy who may throw up into a trashcan due to nerves right before I go onstage, but I wouldn't let a little thing like that get in the way ... as long as I have the trashcan."


So stay tuned, keep listening and enjoy.

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